As is the case for its parent organization, MATH for AMERICA, the goal of the SMART in Utah program is to help school districts increase the number of quality mathematics teachers. The SMART program selects candidates on the basis of the strength and depth of their mathematical knowledge and interest in teaching. The focus is on professionals in mathematics-based occupations who wish to obtain the necessary pedagogical skills to enter the teaching profession. Selected candidates (SMART Fellows) will be provided with:


1) Coursework necessary for licensure.


2) Time in the classroom as student teachers under the supervision of cooperating teachers.


3) Financial support equivalent to that of a graduate assistant for one year.


4) Continued professional development. SMART Fellows enter the teaching profession as contracted educators to remain in the schools for an additional four years after the first year of training. During those four years, mentoring and oversight continue and participants follow a program of study preparing them to become master teachers.




To be eligible, prospective candidates must have a Bachelorís degree with a minimum of 21 credits of Mathematics and Statistics at or above calculus. Individuals with teaching degrees are not eligible. Follow the link for more detailed information on eligibility criteria.



Application Process

To apply for a USU SMART fellowship one must follow the general Math for America application process.

In addition, applicants should notify the director of USUís SMART program by mail or by email when they have completed the Math for America application process. Send this notification to Dr. Eric Rowley at:

Attn: Eric Rowley

639 W, 100 S
Blanding, UT 84511


e-mail to:


Selection Process

All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the program staff and selection committee. Applicants demonstrating outstanding potential will be invited to participate in an interview on February 7, 2011. Final admission decisions for the 2011 Fellowship will be made and accepted applicants will be notified by February 16, 2011.

Note: For individuals who are selected, the USU SMART Fellowship will be contingent upon pre-admission to the Utah State Office of Education Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program during the March Ė July application period.

Application to the ARL program requires a background check.


First Year

SMART Fellows will take a full course of study consisting of both content and pedagogy courses and mentored student teaching, leading to Teaching Licensure and a Level IV Mathematics Endorsement.


Years 2-5

Fellows agree to teach for a minimum of four years in an accredited Utah School. To the degree possible, the SMART program will assist fellows in securing a fulltime teaching position. Fellows will continue to take courses (in the evenings and summers) leading to full licensure, a Level IV Mathematics Endorsement, and a Masters Degree (the Masters Degree is optional, but strongly encouraged).

For the first two years as fulltime teachers, the SMART program will hire an experience teacher as a mentor. In the summer following the first year of teaching, fellows and mentors will participate in the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) professional development summer institute. During years 2-5 fellows will continue to participate in a variety of SMART sponsored activities.


Compensation First Year

Fellows will receive a stipend in the amount of $1,250 per month for either 12 months (including one summer) or 15 months (including two summers) and full tuition, fees, and books four all approved coursework. Fellows will receive an additional $1500 stipend for health benefits. Fellows will receive assistance from the program in securing a teaching position.


Compensation Subsequent Years

Each year, fellows will receive a salary supplement equal to that of a teacher with a masterís degree and five years service or $6,000, whichever is greatest. In addition, they will receive tuition leverage for courses to complete full licensure, a Level IV Mathematics Endorsement, and a Masters Degree. Fellows will participate in continuing professional development, both academic year and summer during their tenure as fellows. Fellows will receive an additional $2,000 stipend in the summer they participate in the PCMI professional development summer institute.

Fellows who fill a teaching position in a rural school district will receive an additional $2,000 stipend as a signing bonus.


Additional Information

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Eric Rowley at .