James Powell

Professor, Applied Mathematics & Biology

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Here is a Complete Vita for Jim Powell, with a full listing of publications.

Homogenization and Modeling Animal Dispersal

Mountain Pine Beetle and Phenology

Mathematical Biology Education

Spatial Models in Ecology (IDE) -- A sequence of MATLAB labs on implementing integrodifference equation models.

Laboratory Experiences in Mathematical Biology (LEMBs)

Over the past three years we have worked on an NSF-funded project to develop LEMBS for use in post-secondary math classes. LEMBs are mathematical modeling/problem-solving experiences driven by student-collected data. Students manipulate and interact with real-world biological mechanisms, construct their own mathematical descriptions and gain a deeper understanding of underlying mathematical relationships.

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James Powell
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-3900
Office Phone: (435) 797-1953
Department Phone: (435) 797-2809
Fax: (435) 797-1822
E-Mail: jim.powell@usu.edu

Last updated: November 11, 2015