Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics Education
Group Meeting and Journal Club

Spring Semester, 2008

Meeting Times: Thursday 3-4:30 PM, Lund 311

The purpose of the Journal Club is to introduce participants to Mathematics and Statistics Education research by providing an opportunity to read, present, and discuss some noteworthy papers in the field. The primary intended audience is the graduate student and faculty member interested in starting research on education topics, and needing familiarity with the education literature.

The purpose of Group Meeting is to informally share research and ideas related to the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics in our department and beyond. This meeting is also intended for faculty and interested graduate students, but the focus is on advancing our own research ideas and programs, not on the background educational literature.

For more information or to contribute ideas and feedback to our group, please contact Brynja Kohler.


  • Tue, Jan 8: Group Meeting

  • Organizational Meeting
    Introductions and set time and schedule for future meetings

  • Thurs, Jan 17: Journal Club

  • Amanda Cangelosi presents
    Nothing Works -- Henry Picciotto

  • Thurs, Jan 24 : Group Meeting

  • John Stevens and Kady Schneiter
    Lead a discussion on ASA's SMER Report
    Using Statistics Effectively in Mathematics Education Research

  • Thurs, Jan 31: Journal Club

  • Dave Brown presents
    A grant awarded to CU-Denver for a "Transforming Experiences Learning Community"

  • Thurs, Feb 7: Group Meeting

  • Jim Cangelosi presents
    Assessing and Reporting Students' Achievement in Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Courses

  • Thurs, Feb 14: Journal Club

  • Scott Damon presents
    Topic: Imagination, Visualization, and Problem Solving in Mathematics
    Article: Norma C. Presmeg. Reviewed Work(s): The Body in the Mind: The Bodily Basis of Meaning, Imagination and Reason by M. Johnson. Educational Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 23, No. 3. (Jun., 1992), pp. 307-314. JSTOR Link

  • Thurs, Feb 21: Group Meeting

  • Assessment and Improvement of Teaching Program (AITP) Committee presents
    Progress report on AITP to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and anyone else interested -- BUS 216

  • Thurs, Feb 28: No meeting

  • Thurs, Mar 6: Group Meeting

  • A chat with Diana Suddreth about Math Ed across the state of Utah
    BUS 216

  • Thurs, Mar 20: Journal Club

  • Becky Atkins presents
    Rasmussen, C. Marrongelle, K. Pedagogical Content Tools: Integrating Student Reasoning and Mathematics in Instruction. JRME. 2006, 37: 5, pp. 388-420

  • Thurs, Mar 27: Group Meeting

  • Current Projects discussion
    Seems like there's a lot going on - PCMI, Statistics applets for NLVM, departmental test development for the MMath program, the growth of AITP, an upcoming NCTM conference, etc... We will use this meeting to get caught up on all our activities and strategize!

  • Thurs, Apr 3: Journal Club

  • Melissa Gregory presents
    Sweller, J. (1999) Instructional Design . Chapter 1: Our Cognitive Architecture. Australian Education Review No. 43. ACER Press.

  • Thurs, Apr 10: Group Meeting

  • Brynja Kohler leads a working group discussion on
    the Master of Mathematics degree program requirements and future

  • Thurs, Apr 17: Journal Club

  • Joel Duffin presents
    The PSLC Theoretical Framework

  • Thurs, Apr 24: Group Meeting -- DOUBLE FEATURE!

  • 2:00 PM Angela Brock presents
    Examining the Validity of the Spring 2007 Math 1050 Common Final

    3:00 PM Kimberly Wilding presents
    Think-aloud Protocol Tactics for Mathematics Education Research

    Meeting location: FAV 264

    Journal Watch
    Brynja Kohler - JRME
    Dave Brown - PRIMUS

    To find Mathematics Education articles of interest to you search ERIC ("The world's largest digital library of education literature") ERIC. The Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education group of the MAA also has a listing of Math/Stat Education journals RUME journals. A journal not listed there but with an emphasis on undergraduate mathematics teaching is PRIMUS.

    Through USU's Merrill-Cazier Library you can access full text articles online from the following journals:
    Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education link
    International journal of mathematical education in science and technology link
    Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal link
    International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education link
    Journal for research in mathematics education link
    Mathematics and computer education link
    International journal of science and mathematics education link
    Journal of STEM education link