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Awards and Recognition


SIAM President, Ian McGahan (left), won the prestigious Teacher of the Year Award for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Guen and Scott won awards at the 2015-2016 math department awards ceremony.

Scott and Guen Awards

Ian McGahan received this plaque at the 2016-2017 math department awards ceremony for his dedication to students as an exemplary teacher.

Public Outreach

Kathryne and Scott

SIAM member alumni, Scott and Kathryne, volunteering at the local Science Unwrapped series to help expose kids to the wonders of science.

SIAM president, Ian McGahan, plays tabletop games with Science Unwrapped attendants that encourages critical thinking skills in a fun atmosphere.

Scott at SGS

Field Trips

INL reactors

Two giant nuclear reactors sit outside the EBR-1 building. These marvels of science are only a glimpse of the amazing things you can see at INL.

The SIAM club hosted a trip to Idaho National Lab where we got to learn all about the history nuclear reactors.

INL group

INL manhole
Is this the entrance to the ninja turtles' home? Not quite. Here we have the porthole where uranium fuel rods are lowered into a nuclear reactor!