Mathematics and Statistics
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics maintains an advisement and placement program to help students determine an appropriate mathematics or statistics course to take. The program is intended for students who are entering USU, returning to USU after a leave of absence, or who have not taken a mathematics or statistics course during the past three academic semesters at USU or during the past 12 months. The goal of this program is to give USU students the best opportunity for success in their first mathematics and statistics courses. USU students have a variety of resources to use in determining which course will best fit their current math skill level. These include:
  • Math Refresher Courses: The math refresher courses are four day courses that allow students to review material necessary to be successful in college level mathematics and statistics courses. This is a non-credit course and no grade will appear on the student's official USU transcript. There is a fee for the course that includes the cost of instruction, and taking the Math Placement Exam (MPE) both before and after the four day course. The MPE is taken before the math refresher course begins, and will allow students the opportunity to assess their math skill level and enter the appropriate refresher course. For more details, visit the Math Advising Office web page using the links on this web site.
  • The Math Advising Office: The Department of Mathematics and Statistics maintains an academic advising office for all USU students. The office is located in the department and has staff and peer advisors trained by the department.
  • The Math Placement Exam: Students at USU may be required to take the Math Placement Exam. MPE information and schedule is found here: MPE Info
  • On-line Math Skills Refresher Materials: The on-line materials may be accessed through the links to the left. The concepts reviewed in these web pages are geared towards courses taught in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USU. The content in each of the sections is organized with USU courses in mind. These materials are freely available to anyone with internet access.
Use the navigation links on the left to visit the Math Skills Refresher web pages and other resources at USU. If you spot typos or errors in the solutions please feel free to send us a bug report with the error. If an error is spotted please use the bug form link on the left to submit the web page that needs attention.