Mathematics and Statistics
In an effort to ease the transition from high school into mathematics and statistics courses at a college/university level many colleges and universities have begun requiring incoming students take some sort of mathematics placement exam. All colleges and universities in the Utah System of Higher Education (UHSE) administer some form of placement exam in mathematics to help students determine appropriate college level mathematics and statistics courses to take. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University administers the Math Placement Exam (MPE). This exam is available to all students at USU and for many students in the public school system who are interested in determining their math skill level before or after entering Utah State University.
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The Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam (MPE) can be taken at any time for a fee of $10 that includes the cost of one or two exams along with advisement by the mathematics and statistics advising staff. The Math Advising Office uses the MPE score to assess each student's math skill set. The goal is to determine a path through the mathematics and statistics courses needed for successful completion of the student's degree program. The process generally follows the following sequence of events.

  • Step 1. Read the MPE and Class prerequisites and requirements.
  • Step 2. Read the MPE FAQs.
  • Step 3. A student who wants/needs to take the MPE must choose one of the following options:
    • Attend a scheduled testing location during testing hours, MPE testing locations and schedules.
    • USU Testing Services located in University Inn 115. Contact info: 797-1004 or visit USU Testing Services.
    • If you do not live in Logan, UT, you may schedule to take the MPE at one of the alternate locations.
    • If you live OUT OF STATE please follow the instructions here
    • All other MPE tests must be scheduled through our Math advisor Linda Skablund, ph: 435-797-0268 or e-mail (Linda.Skabelund "at"
  • Step 4. There are two possible exams a student may take to assess the math skills the student currently has. After a brief interview the proctor will start the student on either the Elemetary Algebra (EA) exam, or the College Level Math (CLM) exam.
  • Step 5. When the exam is complete, the student will notify the proctor that all of the questions have been answered and the proctor will use the score on the exam to determine if the student should take the second exam or if the student can be placed into a particular math course, say Math 1010.
  • Step 6. After the student has been placed, the student can choose to enroll in the course determined by the exam scores or Review some set of math skills and take the exam again at a later time.
Please note that the fee for the MPE includes one advisement and placing. This includes a brief interview before the MPE is taken, one or two exams depending on the score on the first exam, and finally the advisement and placement after the exam is completed.