Mathematics and Statistics
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University has adopted a prerequisite time limit, which is three consecutive semesters (one year), including summer. Some form of this requirement has been adopted by all institutions in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE). The main purpose of this time limit is to make sure students are well prepared for mathematics and statistics courses they take at USU. If a student does not meet the prequisite time limit the student should see an academic advisor or call the Math Advising Office (1-435-797-0268) to determine how to satisfy prerequisites for mathematics and statistics courses at USU. Until prerequisite math skills can be verified, you will not be able to register for a mathematics or statistics course.
  • For specific course prerequisites check here.

Courses Affected by the Prerequisite Time Limit

Student registration is dependent on the Prerequisite Time Limit for the following list of courses:
  • Math 0950 Pre-Algebra
  • Math 0990 Beginning Algebra
  • Math 0995 College Mathematics Preparation
  • Math 1010 Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 1050 College Algebra
  • Math 1060 Trigonometry
  • Stat 1045 Introduction to Statistics with Elements of Algebra
Any mathematics or statistics course that has listed a prerequisite of a passing grade in one or more of the courses listed above is also affected by the Prerequisite Time Limit. The list of affected courses needing Math 0950, Math 0990, Math 1010, Math 1050, and/or Math 1060 are the following:
  • Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning Discontinued until further notice.
  • Math 1100 Calculus Techniques
  • Math 1210 Calculus I
  • Math 2020 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
  • Stat 1040 Introduction to Statistics
  • Stat 2000 Statistical Methods
  • Stat 2300 Business Statistics

Prerequisite Time Limit General Guidelines

The specific rules and guidelines for the prerequisite time limit at USU are in the USU General Catalog. You should read the USU General Catalog for the official statement and enforcement of the prerequisite time limit. The following should give you enough information to make reasonable decisions about taking mathematics and statistics courses at USU.
  • Registration for Math 0950 Pre-Algebra: Any student who has been admitted to USU can register for Math 0950 regardless of prerequisite status. A grade of P in Math 0990 (or a grade of a C- or better in an equivalent course taken at another university) within the previous three semesters (including summer semester) will satisfy the Prerequisite Time Limit and allow you to register for Math 0990.
  • Previously Earned Credit Hours: YOU WILL NOT LOSE CREDIT HOURS FOR PREVIOUS COURSES IN WHICH YOU HAVE RECEIVED A PASSING GRADE. However, you may be required to repeat a course in order to prepare yourself for mathematics and statistics courses you are required to take to earn a degree while enrolled at USU.
  • Ways to Satistfy the Prerequisite Time Limit: Students may satisfy the Prerequisite Time Limit in several ways:
    • A valid math ACT exam score taken within the past 12 months.
    • A valid math SAT exam score taken within the past 12 months.
    • Pass a concurrent enrollment course in Math 1050 or Math 1060 within the past 12 months. This only applies to those courses that use Math 1050 and/or Math 1060 as a prerequisite.
    • A valid Math Placement Exam (MPE) score taken within the past 12 months for incoming students or a valid MPE score taken within the past three successive semesters (including summer semester) for students already enrolled at USU.
    • Pass the appropriate prerequisite course or courses within the past three semesters including summer semester.