Mathematics and Statistics
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a dedicated office for advising students who take mathematics and statistics courses while enrolled in degree programs at Utah State University. Students who take any of our regular mathematics and statistics courses at Utah State have access to the Math Advising Office to ask questions about courses, set up a meeting with an academic advisor, or arrange to take the Math Placement Exam administered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The office is open during regular business hours all year. Students can talk to an academic advisor or discuss questions and issues with peer advisors.

Our main goal for the Math Advising Office staff is to ensure that every student is given the best opportunity to be successful in mathematics and statistics courses while at USU. New freshmen, transfer students, and students returning to USU after a leave of absence are encouraged to contact the Math Advising Office to answer questions about mathematics and statistics courses, and which mathematics and/or statistics course(s) to register for that will give them the best opportunity for successful completion of an undergraduate degree offered by USU.

All USU students should be aware of the Math Prerequisite Acceptability Time Limit (MPATL) and the Math Placement Exam (MPE). The MPATL is described in the USU General Catalog. For more information students are encouraged to visit the on-line version of the USU General Catalog. This resource will contain the most up to date information on the MPATL and MPE. The Math Advising Office staff will help answer any questions about these two important requirements all students must satisfy. The links on the left sidebar will take you to descriptions of the MPATL and MPE. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our advising staff.

Contact Information:

  • Academic Advising: Linda Skabelund
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Animal Science 117
  • Office Phone: 1-435-797-8311 (or 1-435-797-2809)

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