Mathematics and Statistics

Why Graduate School?

Earning Potential Graduate Earning Potential Starting salaries for BS, MS and PhD degrees in mathematics vary, as do the size of yearly raises rates of employment after graduation. Here we graph average earning potential for mathematicians in the Mountain West, projected after graduation with a BS. Salaries for statisticians are typically higher, starting at $60,000 for Masters degrees and $80,000 for PhDs (source: American Statistical Association, 2005). Initial salaries for MS and PhD include TA support during graduate school. Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2005.

Why Utah State?

USU is the regional leader in practical mathematical sciences, with top-ranked Statistics and Interdisciplinary programs in the Intermountain West. Our graduate teaching programs are particularly strong because of the nationally ranked education programs at Utah State. Our faculty is also a national leader in number of research grants per professor, so we offer a strong combination of teaching/research mentoring. Masters and PhD grads are employed across the nation as university and college teachers as well as professionals in industrial and research institutions.