I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and a faculty associate of the Ecology Center at Utah State University. I was previously an NSF postdoc at Georgia Tech in the Weitz Lab in the School of Biology. I completed my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University.

I am looking for graduate students to join my group. If you are interested, please follow the opportunities link for more information.

I am a theoretical ecologist interested in identifying the underlying processes driving ecological and evolutionary patterns observed in natural communities. I use mathematical and computational tools to help connect observed patterns to underlying processes. I am particularly interested in how species interactions and adaptation alter the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of communities. Much of my work focuses on the population-level dynamics of host-pathogen and predator-prey systems, but I also develop general theory on how interspecies interactions, evolution, and plastic adaptation alter the composition and dynamics of communities.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Utah State University
3900 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322

Office: 214 Animal Science
Phone: (435) 797-7695
E-mail: michael.cortez[at]usu.edu